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S.12 Espresso Coffee Capsule Machine by Essse Caffe


Elegant and modern, it’s designed to always guarantee you an excellent, dense and creamy coffee both at home and in the office.


The union between technology, flavor and design has created the S.12 Sistema Espresso machine for capsules, with unique characteristics that you won’t want to be without.

  • Ready immediately

The S.12 is very easy to use, and it permits us to prepare excellent drinks and espresso extracted professionally in only 40 seconds.

  • Exclusive technology

The dispensing spout of the S.12 is an Essse Caffè patent which was developed to exalt the creaminess and aromatic balance of your espresso.

  • Personalize your drink

You can select the amount of coffee that is dispensed into the cup with a mere touch of the  “caffè ristretto” (espresso) and “caffè lungo” (regular coffee) buttons.

  • Intelligent system

The S.12 recognizes the first espresso of the day, and it adapts the temperature and dispensing settings.  The temperature control system guarantees that your drinks are always the perfect temperature.

In addition, the automatic energy saving mode after 10 minutes of non-use avoids overheating.

  • Indispensable elegance

The style of our S.12 Sistema Espresso is elegant and refined, and light and compact form, developed by the unmistakable hand of IDG Giugiaro Design. 

A wide choice of colors renders it perfect for any type of living or office space.

  • Programmed descaling

The S.12 notifies you when, after 600 brews, it is necessary to carry out the descaling operation, it guides you through the process of programmed descaling.

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